Saturday, January 16, 2010

day sixteen: think of more surprising fun ideas

I emphasized yesterday that we always wanted our home to be filled with fun, as well as spiritual input and educational excellence. And anytime we could do that fun with surprise and creativity, it was even better!

Here are some ideas of “surprising” fun that we have done:

1. Told everybody to gather around to say good-night only to tell them to go get their shoes on, we’re going to town for ice cream or other sweet treat! (I have heard some families who do this frequently—and call if their family’s pajama run!)

2. Watched the first installment of a movie at home whose sequel was on at the theatre and at the end of the movie, said, “Wow. That was so good. I wish we could see the second one. Wait…we can see the second one. Let’s go to the ten o’clock showing!” and loaded everybody up to go to the movies.

3. Told the kids we were having a family work night, but then when it’s time to start working, have pizza delivered—and have a family game night instead.

4. Secretly packed their overnight gear when we went to visit my dad and step-mom, and then when my dad said (as he always does) that he wishes the boys could stay overnight, I said that sure they could, we already have their stuff packed—to the kids’ amazement.

5. Wake them up in the morning for school like usual, but then surprised them with a “free day” instead (since we homeschool).

6. Stopped to do go karts or lazer tag on the way home from church or some other event near those places.

7. Biggest surprise ever: We traveled to Tennessee with Ray on business when we only had four kids eight and under (and only one who was reading). When we left Tennessee, we headed south rather than north—and went to Disney World for a couple of days. At one point in the night as we traveled, Joshua lifted his sleepy head and saw a sign for Florida—and it was all we could do to keep him quiet until we got there. The kids who remember this one still talk about it!

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