Saturday, April 10, 2010

day one hundred: links and ideas for activities for room time for toddlers

“Soon it was time for Jakie to play in his play pen, so Josiah and I got to play together. Next thing I knew, we were in trouble! Mommy came into the room and said that it looked like a tornado went through. We did it again! We got too many things out at one time. We had stuff all over the living room: Legos, cars and trucks, Duplo people, books, and stuffed animals. It took us FOREVER to clean it up---even with Kara’s help. Josiah and I had to each do an extra fifteen minute chore with Mommy because we forgot the rule about getting out too many things at one time. “*

Today I am going to put some links and create a small list of items we enjoyed having for toddlers—for room time or anytime. Tomorrow I will do the same for pre-schoolers. And next week—honestly—it’s on to chores for Positive Parenting 3*6*5!

1. Duploes—these chubby, safe-for-toddlers *Legoes* are perfect as first blocks for toddlers. Many of the sets have people, animals, and vehicles with them,; those make them even better for this age.

2. Felt books and felt activities—older toddlers/preschoolers may enjoy these. I reviewed the earlier on this blog. You can find information about them at

3. We loved the Hugg a Planet for ALL ages---even my high schoolers would toss it around and study it:

4. Measuring cups, pans, etc.--

5. One of my favorite Discovery Toys of all—the measure up cups!

6. Cars and trucks—I especially loved any cars and trucks offered from Discovery Toys since they were always so colorful—and always rolled correctly with no fear of wheels falling off, etc.:; another good set (which are also sturdy and colorful):

7. My next-to-the-favorite Discovery Toy for this age was the giant pegboard (I still have mine!). Now it has an additional pack for stringing, ect.:

8. Okay-Place and Trace may have been my next-to-the-favorite Discovery Toy for his age!

9. We loved our Marble Works for older kids (with regular marbles), so I can’t help but recommend the large one for toddlers, though this might be a better activity for Mom with the toddler than the toddler alone since he might become frustrated trying to run it alone:

10. Hammering and pounding toys, such as the one offered by Discovery Toys:

11. Beanbags:

12. Sensory blocks:

13. Activity centers:

14. Rhythm instruments:

15. Chubby animal and people (Fisher Price has nice chubby animal and people for this age group too—I especially love the ones the come in littl houses that children can carry around by a handle on the top of the house or barn):; Fisher Price noisy animals:

16. Anything kitchen!!! We loved plastic food and dishes especially:

17. Car and truck mats (oh, I loved these!):

18. Bead mazes—these are available at Walmart, Kmart, and most other department stores:

19. Dress up (don’t get me started—have I mentioned that every year for five years our teen daughters sewed dress up clothes for the boys for Christmas—knights, Minutemen, wise men, cowboys—okay, I’m crying now:

20. Activity items:

Hopefully, this list and the links will give you some ideas to get you started in creating your room time tub or basket. Look for items at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

One final note about toddler room time activities: Be sure you get true “independent” activities. Avoid electronics, difficult to assemble toys, or other activities that require too much help in order for the toddler to play with.

*For the complete story of “Jonathan’s Journal, follow this link:

**Benefits of room time for preschoolers and toddlers:

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