Monday, June 7, 2010

day 154:reading at night with Daddy

“We got ready for bed and Daddy, Kara, Josiah, and I did our PICTURE BIBLE. Daddy always stops at the most exciting parts!”
                               “Jonathan’s Journal”

Today’s excerpt brings me to a few important preschool points:

1. Involve Dad in the instruction of preschoolers whenever possible, especially in the case of Bible and biblical principles. Preschoolers need to know (if possible) that it isn’t just Mom who believes in this Bible stuff! And that it is important enough to his parents to use some of Daddy’s hard-to-come-by, precious time to read the Bible with him.

2. Stop at exciting parts in your reading! We always tried to make read aloud such an enjoyable experience that the kids were begging us to read to them! My older kids even had a little chant they would do in unison when I ended a chapter during read aloud: “Read another chapter! Read another chapter! Read another chapter!” My boys still do it for me to give me memories of when my olders were all littles and did it quite literally everyday.

3. Use picture Bibles liberally with this age group. I will re-post links below for some of the picture Bibles I have reviewed this year. Check them out and get one today!

4. If you do not feel that you can purchase books for your family, do invest in the library. Our public library has many, many picture Bibles, creation stories, and Bible story books. With the liberal generosity of public libraries, none of our children should be without story time, Bible read alouds, and bedtime stories!!

Links for Reviews and Recommendations of Bible stories/devotionals for preschoolers and toddlers from earlier posts:

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