Thursday, June 24, 2010

day 174: summertime —beginning reading help—more graded readers after “Bob”—“Now I’m Reading” and “Brand New Readers” sets

Two reputable sites advocate two other vocabulary-controlled readers that I have not used. However, I wish I had found more to follow my “Hear Me Read” readers since it felt like such a big jump to a standard “first grade” or “primer” reader from the “Bob” books and the “Hear Me Read” ones.

Therefore, I will give these links here—they might fall before or after the “Hear Me Read” ones, but I know for sure of the success we have had with those, so I would recommend doing those (with their limited word lists) then these.

1. “Now I’m Reading” readers---available at Timberdoodle:

2. From a helpful reading site*:

Tomorrow I am going to start on a short series of posts concerning readability levels of books. This will pertain to all families—those helping their children in the summer, those who want to keep their kids reading year round, those homesschooling, and those who do not homeschool. It is a tad bit laborious, but I think it will help parents whose children are reading at second, third, and fourth grade levels and beyond to find materials that will help them continue moving along in the reading process.

**Site for more reading help: A reader wrote in about a blog that is completely dedicated to tutoring children in reading. This site is chock full of ideas and tips, so I wanted to share it with Positive Parenting moms and dads--

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