Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 197: composition help

I have posted several links and ideas to help you get your kids ready to go back to school, but I wanted to share some “writing help” with you as well. Our publishing company/family ministry has many writing books and many language arts books that we write for homeschoolers and Christian schools.

At our website, we offer three week samples of each of our composition books, entitled “Meaningful Composition” (MC). We only have Levels 4th through 8th and a couple of high school books (though our Level 8 first semester and Level 8 second semester are considered high school beginning writing books) done so far, but you are more than welcome to go to our site, print off the samples of a couple of books and work through them with your kids over the next few weeks.

MC books are written to the student in what we call our “directed writing approach.” This means that they give step-by-step directions to the students in each assignment (as opposed to writing ideas or prompts).

For example, if your student does not understand the basics of what a paragraph contains, you can print the samples for MC 4 I (formerly 4+) and do those with him. If your student does not the basics of putting paragraphs together for essay or report writing, you can print the samples for 4 II and do those with him. There are several books in Levels 5 through 8 that have writing lessons for the middle grades. And if your student does not understand the basics of research report writing, try MC 9 I samples.

Go to our site and click MC samples—and see if you can find any help for your reluctant writer to get off on the right foot this fall in composition: http://www.tfths.com/samples.php

*Note: This page also contains links for our “Character Quality Language Arts” samples. This is our complete language arts program. Just skip on down below this for the “Meaningful Composition” samples.

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