Monday, August 2, 2010

day 200: reading through collections

Yesterday I described how Jakie and I are reading through our bookcases. One of the types of books I have enjoyed with my children through the years are those that are collections. That is, they are larger books with many or several stories in them. We use collection type books for character stories, devotions, story time, and more.

I will list the current “collections” we are reading for “story time,” along with their authors and links. Check them out. I think your kids will love them!

1. Dr. Seuss collections by Dr. Seuss (We are doing “Six by Seuss”)

2. Beatrice Potter collections (a lot of her books with illustrations are available online here) to buy complete collection

3. Billy and Blaze series

4. Curious George books Margret and H.A Ray (we’re doing a collection)

5. Disney Americana Stories

6. James Harriot’s Treasury for Children by James Harriot Animal Stories

7. E is for Ethics by Ion James Corlett

8. From Sea to Shining Sea, a Treasury of American Folklore, Stories, and Songs by Amy Cohn

9. Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories (see review in earlier post:
bottom item in that list….)

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