Monday, August 9, 2010

day 205: the academy of arts—one more time

I had my first organization post (prioritizing) all ready to post tonight, but I have to spend one more post on the Academy of Arts ministry—then I will be quiet about it for awhile!

I have talked about this ministry before (see link below). But tonight I sit in my motel room following the ending ceremony for the traveling summer drama teams. It was an incredible, encouraging night. At the end of the summer, all three of the traveling drama teams come back to the “building” in Taylors, SC, and each student gives testimony of what God did for them, through them, in their team, etc. that summer.

As I sat there tonight and listed to testimony after testimony, I thanked the Lord once again for leading us to this fantastic ministry for our teens (and now our twenty year old college/intern student there) to be involved in.

And it made me want to share some of the testimonials of the kids tonight…just some one liners that make me stop and evaluate why I do what I do….

~”I learned to think of others more than I think of myself.”

~”I learned to focus on ministry and the people I am there to serve instead of on what I want to do.”

~”I learned to live for Christ in a whole new way.”

~”I learned to trust God for the outcome of every situation.”

~”I learned to yield my rights to what I want in order to give my fellow team mates the best.”

~”I learned to pray and trust God for the future.”

~”I learned how to witness where ever I am—even at an amusement park.”

~”I learned how to submit to authority and not to always demand my own way.”

~”I learned that only a life lived for others is worth living.”

~”I learned that we are on this earth to bring others to Christ.”

~"I learned that things are temporal, but living for Christ is eternal."

~"I learned to give up my own comforts for others."

And on and on….not just a week long camp, mountain-top experience, but a summer of pouring out their lives for others and Christ and learning to live the Christian life with others.

And then I thought about the myriad of activities and opportunities that are out there for our kids—and how we randomly pick and choose on a whim, through finances, from our peers, from our kids’ pressure, and many other avenues.

Tonight makes me want to be even more purposeful in helping my children choose their activities and influences. Sports are fine. Drama is fun. Clubs are entertaining. Classes are educational. Friends are cool. But we can fill their entire lives with “fluff” and not have the experiences and influences that God wants to use in their lives to mold and shape them into what He wants their futures to be.

As we choose our kids’ activities this school year, let’s re-read those testimonials, and consider what types of activities, friends, influences, etc. can lead our children to make comments like those—and choose a life lived for Christ and others.

Link for previous review of the Academy of Arts Ministry:

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