Monday, August 16, 2010

day 212: priorities and eternal value*

We have said that each person's priorities are his own and will be different; however, as Christians, we are all called to love our neighbors as ourselves and make disciples. Our priorities should reflect things of eternal value.

This is where it gets even stickier. What is too much emphasis on temporal things and not enough on eternal? How do we lead our children into learning the value of spending time on God's kingdom rather than the kingdom here on earth?

Nobody can determine those things for you but you. However, we challenge you to take the infamous "end of lifetime test.” If you were on your deathbed, would you wish you had been in more clubs and activities or would you wish you had taught and enjoyed your children more? Would you wish you had made more money or made more disciples?

In the well-trained heart area, would you wish that you had put your son in three sports a year or memorized three chapters of Scripture a year with him? Would you wish that you had driven around four days a week from three to seven for kids' activities or would you wish you had spent four afternoons a week getting into your children's hearts?

It is true. You alone can determine your priorities. But without placing eternal value on them, they might be the wrong priorities for you and your family. They might not truly be what God is calling you to.

Prioritizing is an action word—it takes action to prioritize.

*Note: For several days, I will be excerpting material from our parenting book, “The Well-Trained Heart” about prioritizing. Following these posts, we will delve more deeply into organizing.

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