Monday, August 30, 2010

day 224: organization—personal organizational strategies: each day starts the night before part i of ii

A good tomorrow starts with a good ending of today....

When we had a houseful of little kids, we always had a routine of being sure there were not dishes in the sink, toys lying about, and other “clutter” all over the place before we went to bed. It was the beginning of our practice of thinking of tomorrow as starting tonight.

I remember another family we were visiting with after church about that same time stacking all of their dishes, etc. on Sunday, saying that the wife would clean things up the next day as they did not like to “work” any more than they had to on Sunday. Ray commented that we always work hard for a few minutes on Sunday evening to be sure “Donna has a good Monday.” He ended his explanation saying that it is like “getting the ox out of the ditch” and “doing good on the Sabbath” that Jesus described when he was talking about working on the Sabbath. Ray said that he doesn’t consider it work but considers it “ministry” and “doing good” to be sure that Sunday night’s mess does not become Monday morning’s downfall.

That is just one of many examples of how we have implemented the idea of looking at tomorrow as starting tonight. The practice of thinking that tomorrow starts tonight has helped us in many ways through the years. It is a mindset that what I do tonight (getting to sleep at a decent time, picking up, having things ready to get out the door for tomorrow, etc.) makes or breaks tomorrow.

Join us tomorrow for practical ways we have practiced the “tomorrow starts tonight” guideline—and how much it has helped us in our family’s life.

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