Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 283: affirming your kids with character “names” and a thousand watt smile

“Words have set whole nations in motion…Give me the right word….and I will move the world.” Joseph Conrad

Over twenty years ago I had a friend who would call her kids whatever character quality they were working on---Miss Responsible, Mr. Helpful, etc. I remember thinking that it was corny at the time—but after several more years of parenting/character training, I found myself doing the same thing—plus!

My normal greeting to my kids often involves something about them—Sweet Girl, Awesome Son, Princess of the Twenty-Year Olds, etc. My daughter even put her phone number in my phone with her pic and the words Kara, Your Amazing Daughter. One of our sons followed suit with Josiah, Your Awesome Son. Yeah…I think my kids are pretty neato!

Additionally, I picked up the habit of calling or affirming my kids with character qualities. Some days it took some work to come up with a quality (“Umm, how’s my Little Mr. ….um…um…Resourceful?”). Other times it was easy…”You are so helpful and diligent today. Thank-you so much!”

Years ago I learned about the 1000 watt smile that will warm our kids’ hearts—the smile that we give them when they walk into the room; the smile that tells them we are so happy they are there; the smile that communicates how glad we are to be their mom or dad; the smile that shows them that we are thrilled that they are in the same room we are in!

Combine the 1000 watt smile with affirming greetings (character based or just “sweet kid” based)—and you have the makings of a loved child with a warm heart who feels his emotions and thoughts are safe with Mom and Dad.

Note: Tomorrow I will give a list of character qualities AND links to definitions for them to get you started in character-calling!

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