Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 311: holiday snack mix—white chocolate chex mix

In day 310, I introduced the idea of quick “goody gifts” that families could make together, starting with snack mixes in bags. The beauty of these snack mixes is that they can be whipped up in large quantities fairly easily—and kids can definitely help bag them, either in small bags for individual gifts (we have done this for our students!) or large bags or tins for family gifts.

I will share four snack mixes—two sweet and two salty. Also, two super easy (i.e. melt chocolate and pour over the mix) and two more elaborate (make stovetop syrup, pour over, bake (and stir some). All four make nice gifts!

Note: All four recipes have approximately 32 servings of 2 cups each, which is the amount that we put in each individual bag.

Here is one of the sweet, easier ones:

White Chocolate Chex Mix serv=2 cups/b serves 32


8 Cup Rice Chex Cereal

12 Cup Corn Chex Cereal

12 Cup Cheerios

8 Cup Pretzel Twists

48 Ounce M and M's

6 Pound White Chocolate Chips

8 Cup Peanuts Dry Roasted



1. Stir dry ingredients together.

2. Melt white chocolate carefully in batches in micro on 50% power for 30

sec intervals--do not allow to get wet.

3. Pour melted white chocolate over dry mixture and spread on waxed paper or

foil to dry.

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