Wednesday, December 29, 2010

day 363: character training seminars by ray and donna reish

"Character is how you act when only your brothers and sisters are around!" Donna Reish :)
Ray and I have a couple of our character training seminars scheduled for 2011 already! I will post the details of these below.

In the meantime, we would love to plan to come to your area with a “Character Training From the Heart” seminar! If you are a small group, church, homeschool, or parenting leader, check out our blog more fully and consider scheduling a seminar—either for Christian parents in general or for homeschool groups. We have different Friday night/partial Saturday and Friday night/all day Saturday schedules available—beginning with the earliest character qualities of contentment, submission, cheerfulness, and obedience and moving through the older ages up through high school, if desired.

We are able to travel as needed, and as long as we may display our materials for sale, we really only need travel and lodging expenses in order to be able to come! (Note: For homeschoolers, we could even combine it or attach it to a writing seminar or homeschool convention we are speaking at!)

If you are near northeast Indiana and would like to attend one of the two seminars scheduled here, contact us (260-597-7415). We would love to have you!

JANUARY— Murray Missionary Church, 1117 N. Washington Street, Murray (near Bluffton)—Friday, Jan 21st and Saturday, Jan 22nd

FEBRUARY— Oak Grove Church of God in Columbia City, Indiana (near Fort Wayne)—Friday, Feb 18th and Saturday, Feb 19th (with a snow postponement date of the 25th and 26th)

Seminar Schedule

Both of these will be general Christian parenting seminars (not specific to homeschoolers only) focusing on character training from toddlerhood through about age twelve. Sessions go in chronological order, age-wise, by character quality (with 45 min sessions and 10 min breaks between), so parents may choose the ones that pertain to them if they are unable to attend all of the seminar.

*Friday night and half day Saturday—7:00-10:00 on Friday and 9:00-12:00 on Saturday


7:00-8:00 –OVERVIEW: The Why’s and How’s of Character Training: The Importance of Character Training, Modeling, Developing Good Family Habits, and More

8:00-9:00--The Early Qualities in Toddlers and Preschoolers: Contentment, Obedience, Cheerfulness, and Submission

9:00-10:00--Laying the Foundation for All Qualities for All Ages: Focus on Obedience and Submission; Child Discipline; Three Aspects of Parenting—The 3 P’s of Parening: Proactive, Positive, and Punishing


9:00-10:00—Helping Our Children Add Virtue to Their Lives: Link Between Foundational Qualities and “Higher Level” Qualities; Helping Children Gain Their Own Moral/Character Compass; The Next Qualities

10:00-11:00—From Obedience to Initiative: Responsibility, Helpfulness, Kindness, Respect, and Honesty

11:00-12:00 Growing in Character: Initiative, Deference, Resourcefulness, Diligence, Promptness, Empathy, and More

Contact us for registration information for either seminar at 260-597-7415 or

Note: Some seminars have a small fee of $10 per person for seminar and materials, depending on facility, travel, etc.

If you cannot make one of these two seminars, but would like to host one in your area, check out the details at Character Training From the Heart! Lastly, subscribe to receive our parenting blog in 2011(Positive Parenting 365) —we will be doing months of character training teaching in the new year!

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