Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paradigm #10: Whether or not Christian parenting needs a foundation of relationship and empathy—Part II of II

Another picture of the relational aspects of parenting can be seen if we model our “teaching” of our kids after Jesus’ teaching and relationships with those He instructed. Jesus was the perfect teacher and leader:

1. He knew the needs of the people.

2. He listened to them.

3. He asked them questions to find out what was in their hearts.

4. He told them stories to help them understand difficult concepts.

5. He got up early and stayed up late to be with them.

6. He met them where ever they needed for Him to (i.e. in the sycamore tree or in the dark of night—reminds me of raising teens!).

7. He loved them no matter what.

8. He forgave them over and over again.

9. He never agreed with sin, but He still loved the sinner.

10. He took them on way cool outings and trips—in boats, long walks, parks, hilltops, cemeteries…

Wowsie—I want to be to my children just like God is to me. Wouldn’t that be amazingly relational? Smile….

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