Monday, April 25, 2011

When You Rise Up”: Faith in the Mornings— Case for Christ Bible

I just cannot say enough good about our family's new "read aloud" Bible for this year. It has excerpts from Lee Strobel's books as sidebars and insets within the biblical text--so we read the couple of paragraphs about the passage that is referenced, then go right to the Bible passage (New King James Version) and read it. It is amazing!

Quick enough reads for 5-10 min devos--or on evenings that we have more time, we read a couple or few of the entries. I love not having to flip from a book to the Bible, etc. We love the "Case for" books--and love them even more having the Bible passage that it refers to right there in its entirety. Great for ten to twenty year olds! :)

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