Friday, April 15, 2011

Words Make a Difference

The link below just came through on Facebook, and I automatically started running through the many applications of it. Writing (our son is speaking about word choice today at the APACHE convention in Illinois today during his Writing With Style session!). Marriage (oh yeah). And, of course, parenting.

How many times do we say, "You always..." When we should say, "I feel like this or that happened.." How many times do we say, "Why can't you..." When we should say, "It would be so great if you could..."

And then there's the whole thought of hurtful words. How many times do we use hurtful words to our children instead of words of peace; words of love; words of affirmation; words of encouragement; or even words of helpful instruction?

Watch this clip with those thoughts in mind...and let's all choose the right words today!

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  1. Hi Donna! I was at the APACHE conference this weekend and attended a couple of your sessions. I feel like I came away with tons of valuable information!! We will begin homeschooling our 5 year old this summer (we also have a 18 month old). Most of our day will be spent learning routines, chores, and LOTS and LOTS of reading. I'll include plenty of picture books, but I think he will really like some 'shorter' chapter books (Magic Tree House, etc..). He LOVES listening to stories.
    I was wondering if you could share a list of appropriate and wholesome chapter books? I know some may vary on reading/comprehension levels, but any book ideas would be helpful!