Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summertime Fun and Summertime Goals! Part II of II

Sorry it took me a while to come back to this. I have had some other things that I wanted to get up too. So much to say, so little time to say it! Smile…

Anyway, I first want to give you a link to a freebie offered by Graham Family Ministries to help you in creating summer goals/summer fun lists/charts for your kids. It is simple to go into the document and make it whatever fits your needs—reading goals, fun activities goals, summer school workbook goals, household goals—use it in whatever way helps you!

Editable Summer Time Chart: http://www.school4jesus.com/summertime-fun-chart-freebie

Then I will leave you with a short list of the literally hundreds of goals that we had for our Summer School Goals through the years…so many good memories. So grateful for the wonderful years I have had with my kids!!!
Note: Each goal had a certain number of boxes with it—and each time that goal was done one time, a box was filled in with a sticker. The kids could choose each day what to work on—but to help them see the big picture, I had how many hours total each goal would take to complete it the number of times allotted—and how many total “sessions” each one would take (i.e. if child was supposed to read ten 20 chapter chapter books, that would be 100 goals of 2 chapters at a time, etc.).

1. Read a chapter (or two) out of a chapter book.

2. Read a Bob Book aloud to brother or sister.

3. Cook a new recipe from scratch.

4. Organize one shelf of the living room bookcase.

5. Trip to the library.

6. 15 mins jumping on the tramp.

7. 10 laps of swimming at the pool.

8. 2 pages in summer skills book

9. 30 mins of craft activity

10. Organize a closet with Mom for 30 minutes.

11. Weed garden for 20 mins.

12. 1 Geosafar card at 90% accuracy.

13. 2 math drill pages

14. 1 game of chess with Dad

15. Reading Bible aloud to Mom—1 chapter each

16. Read a picture book to a little

17. Listen to talking book for 30 mins

18. Color one page in educational coloring book

19. 60 mins of sewing outfits for American Girl Dolls

20. 60 mins of Lego play

P.S. Technically, this blog post could have fallen much later in the year under Responsibility or Diligence or Industriousness or Organization--these types of activities have helped my kids learn so many valuable character qualities and skills!

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