Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visiting the Chore Thing...Again!

How is your summer going? Feeling like you are not meeting the goals you set out with a couple of weeks ago? Everything going smoothly?

One of the best things that we have done in the summertime is utilize the lessened school schedule and more down time to teach chores thoroughly, start new routines, etc. If you are one of "those kinds" of moms and are interested in getting started on chores, etc., read on!

Last year I did literally weeks of chore posts. I will give those to you gradually over this week to help you see how you can set up chore schedules, what age appropriate chores are, and more. Stay tuned--and invite your friends! :)

1. We'll start with whose job is the housework--this should get moms thinking about the immense responsibility it is to keep up a household--and the sheer reality that very few women have that much "extra time" to do all of the work themselves--

2. Thinking of getting a new chore schedule going in your home? Check out this link about factors to consider in creating chore schedules in your home:

3. And then two posts of general chore tips:

Happy choring! And believe me when I say that chores are not just for getting things done around the home--they have helped make our adult children the amazing, productive, accomplished people that they are today! :)

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