Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Developing Strong Study Habits for Younger Students

I have a lot to say about teaching our kids God's Word and ways as we "sit in our house"! I just haven't gotten my notes all together due to computer issues (just got the last computer back from the shop AGAIN,..). So, August has come upon us quickly...and so has "back to school time." I want to re-run some posts from last August about helping our kids with study skills, back to school routines, etc. for those who may have missed them or those who were not with us on PP last August.

So...here is the first one....a link to many links about developing strong study habits for younger students. Now is really the time to get serious about implementing some of these schedules and ideas (before the day before-back-to-school!)....so, get your iced water with lemon and click and read! :) Thanks for joining us!


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