Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Find Us!

  How to Find Us

We've moved from our old Blogger blogs, and made a few changes. Below are some places you can find us!

Character Ink Blog          

First, you can find us on our Character Ink blog! Here I blog about parenting, homeschooling, marriage, character training, language arts, home management, low-carb/healthy cooking, grammar, reaching the hearts of your children, and teaching.  


Second, you can find us on three Facebook pages:

 Character Ink!  

Raising Kids With Character

 Language Lady

Note: We are closing the Training for Triumph Facebook page, so be sure to go over and like our Character Ink page for homeschooling and more, and the Raising Kids With Character page for parenting in general.      

Third, you can listen to our Wondering Wednesday podcasts episodes at our blog AND in iTunes!     

CQLA Samples  

Fourth, you can see samples of our curriculum, print them off, and try them out here for CQLA and here for Meaningful Composition. Check back here often as we are adding the new Meaningful Composition books through summer 2015.

    Calling Character Ink!

 Finally, you can call or email us directly to place an order, to sign up for classes, or to schedule a speaker or a parenting seminar.  

Email us: OR  

Call us: 260-450-7063 260-433-4365  

Write us: Ray and Donna Reish
11120 Aboite Center Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814  

You can also find us on Pinterest, and in our weekly e-newsletters that contain articles, recipes, parenting helps, language arts teaching, and more. Sign up here! And click here to see previous newsletters :)

See you soon!

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