Saturday, January 30, 2010

day thirty-one: start young with Bible stories and lessons—product reviews for felt books and “the bible time nursery rhyme book”

"The Tower of Babel"

"Come!" said the man,

"Let's make ourselves a name!

"Let's build ourselves a tower.

And get ourselves some fame!"

"Let's all work togehter

And make the tower high,

So it stretches up to heaven

And reaches to the sky!"

But God above was watching

As the men worked on the tower.

He saw they wanted greatness.

He saw they wanted power.

He wasn't please with what he saw.

He knew it wasn't good.

He said, "I'll mix their language

So they can't be understood!"

So when a workman tried to talk

With other workmen near,

Funny words and babble sounds

Came drifting to his ear.

"Tee...lee! A-lah-doo-ween!"

"What is that? What do you mean?"

"Pim-pam! A-dack-a-too!"

"Well, I give up! I cant work with you!"

No longer could they talk,

And no longer could they build.

They couldn't work together,

So their hammers soon were stilled.

They couldn't live together,

So they scattered far apart,

And that's how the languages

First got their start.

I love picture books! Well, really, I love most books, which is why we have well over a thousand books in a fourteen hundred square foot house---bookcases in nearly every room! On the weekends, I want to try to post a review/introduction (or more) to products (books, videos, audios, etc.) that we have used with our children throughout the years to teach them Bible and character. The materials I will highlight are readily available online (I’ll include links)—and Positive Parenting does not sell them. We simply love them!

I am going to start this weekend with three products (two today and one tomorrow) for babies and toddlers that were our first favorites. We used these three items with all of our seven of our children—and I am sure that they will use them with their children too. By the way, all three of them make beautiful baby shower gifts!

1. Felt Bible Activity Books—Betty Lukens’ felts are popular in day cares, preschools, and Sunday schools. We have had them for twenty-five years. They are beautiful and fun for children of all ages. Our kids used to love to re-enact Bible stories on the sofa with them (though we had felt boards too). The sets that I am recommending here are activity books. They are eight by eleven inch (or so) felt books that have pockets on the backs of the pages for storing the felt pieces that you use on the colorful fronts. In addition to Bible stories, they also have nature, first lessons in colors, etc., and much more. These are ideal for use when your toddler needs to sit quietly on your lap. We recommend saving them for just those occasions to make them even more special. Downside: They come unassembled. You have to cut them out yourself (though sewing or other “tools” are not needed).

 (under $15)

2. The Bible Time Nursery Rhyme Book---When I looked this book up online, I had trouble finding it—and there was a lot of chatter about it being unavailable now or in the near future. Not sure about all of that, but I do know that all of my children have adored this book, as did I. It contains Bible stories and other biblical concepts (God loves us; we should obey, etc.) in rhyme. It’s worth looking for and purchasing this book. Your toddlers and preschoolers will love it!

Note: We also had the Christian Mother Goose book and audio book, but I always enjoyed this rhyming book more. The rhymes felt truer and more rhythmic to me. (looked to me like it was still available used for around ten dollars and listed varying prices for new)

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