Wednesday, January 27, 2010

day twenty-eight: take time for "rockies"

“The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint.”
                          Florida Scott-Maxwell

How true that quote is! I can remember being in the worst of moods or utterly despondent, and as I sat down in my rocker with baby in arms and sang a lullaby—the world got just a little bit sweeter.

I enjoyed rocking and nursing our newborns so much. Then as they grew to be older babies and toddlers, I would often rock just a teeny bit before bed and naps. (We trained our toddlers to go to bed without being rocked, walked, or driven to sleep.) However, the real “rockies” were first thing in the morning and after naps. Our toddlers knew that we would go straight from the crib to the rocking chair. What sweet memories!

With the advent of “proppable” bottles and hurried lives, we have often lost the art of “rockies” and “read alouds”—two of my favorite activities with my children. I am so thankful that I had these times with my older children—which made me want to continue them with my littles as well.

We even had our own Reish Family Lullaby that I wrote halfway through childbearing—and that even my older kids would sing to the boys when they held them and rocked them—and I am sure that they will use it with their own children someday too. I will share it below. Feel free to put it with your own tune—and enjoy your “precious babies.”

                        Precious Baby

             Precious Baby, how I love you,

             How you make my heart to sing.

            Precious Baby, how I love you,

           Oh, the joy your young life brings.

          How have I become so blessed…to hold you oh so near?

          How have I become so blessed…to have you, oh my dear?

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