Thursday, May 13, 2010

day 133: morning reading books or the reish family (with links)

Morning reading—for us, this is like our “school devotional extended.” We have this morning reading time after morning routines and morning chores—three or four days a week (“more often than not”). Because it is devotional and school, I like to do a variety of things:

1. Character reading—this usually involves Bible too (see below for Character Sketches)

2. Chapter books—we are going through a series of American history biographies—we have done biographies in morning reading for twenty-five years!!!

3. Creation science—we always read from Answers in Genesis and other materials together

4. Bible or Bible stories (depending on ages, etc.)

5. Poetry—we added this two years ago, and I love it!

6. Nature devotional—been doing these for years and years

7. Literature excerpts—I assign whole books to the boys (one chapter book per week unless they are lengthy, in which case, they may read the same book over a two week period), but I like doing excerpts and shortened ones with them aloud

8. Character stories—we have done a variety of these—right now we are doing one my one of my favorite Christmas story authors (Wheeler, see below)

 Below are the current titles we are using, along with their authors and links. The books listed are ones I do now with my boys, ages 11, 15, and 17. I am capitalizing the titles because I cannot get the FB blog to underline or italicize consistently—not trying to “yell” at you! 

1. Character studies—reading about godly character of Bible people and how character qualities are shown in the lives of animals—CHARACTER SKETCHES, Volume III—published by Institute in Basic Life Principles (one semester book)

2. Short literature excerpts, an outstanding way to introduce classic literature to kids ages eight to fourteen (or even older—Jonathan and I love them!)—CLASSICS TO READ ALOUD TO YOUR CHILDREN—compiled by William F. Russell (one semester book)

3. Nature devotional—IN HIS HANDS—A NATURE DEVOTIONAL-—by James and Priscilla Tucker (year long book)—out of print—if your kids like animals, nature, and trivia, I recommend you try to get this book used!

4. Bible “story” book for older students and adults (followed by listening to the portion covered in here on audio cd from the regular Bible)—THE STORY OF STORIES—THE BIBLE IN NARRATIVE FORM –by Karen C. Hinckley (one semester book)

5. Creation science book—ASTONOMY AND THE BIBLE: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Donald B DeYoung (one semester book) (sample chapters at )

6. Biography—MERIWETHER LEWIS: EXPLORER by Janet and Geoff Benge (one month book) (contains links to other books in the Heroes of History series)

7. Christian poetry (for older children and adults)---THE ONE YEAR BOOK OF POETRY—published by Tyndale (one year book)

8. Short Christian and character stories for all ages (older children and adults primarily)—GREAT STORIES REMEMBERED by Joe Wheeler (might be out of print, but still has sellers on amazon)

Tomorrow, I will post some suggestions for “morning reading” or "devotional reading" for four to ten year olds.

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