Monday, May 24, 2010

day 140: “devotional”—faith reading for ten to fourteen year olds

In the lower end of this age range, I continue with some of the suggestions from previous days. However, in the upper end of this age range, I try to move into discipleship type of books that we read aloud together. I will give you some ideas below.

1. Bible

a.The Bible itself! We like to read aloud from Proverbs oftentimes in the mornings. If you do not feel like you know what to read from the Bible, of course, you can look up specific stories in the index and just read Bible stories. Reading the Gospels is always a good choice for preteens—giving meaning to the whole idea of “What Would Jesus Do?”

b. Family Bible Library—I reviewed this book earlier in the year (and suggested it for the upper end of of the three to six age group). My ten to twelve year olds still really enjoyed this set of books. It is so different than the typical “Bible story book” as it is ten volumes—so the stories are much more detailed in here than they are in other picture book types of Bible stories. If you are looking for a story book series for your ten to twelve year olds to read and learn Bible stories himself, this series can’t be beat either.

c. Bible studies—at this age, I like to have my kids do Bible studies themselves in addition to our reading together. I used Kay Arthur Bible studies for my olders (and various homeschool Bible books for my youngers).

2. Picture books by Christian authors have character, Bible, and faith message. As I said in the preschool lists, I love using picture books to teach many things to my children—faith and Bible, counting, alphabet, science, history/geography, relationships, character, and more. My tweens love the picture books below (that really read more like chapter books with pictures—they are lengthy books that we read like we do chapter books—a little at a time):

a. “Dangerous Journey” (Illustrated Pilgrim’s Progress)--,5475,224.aspx

b. “Tales of the Kingdom,” “Tales of the Resistance,” and “Tales of the Restoration” by Karen Burton Maines—If your children enjoy allegories and you want to do “faith” books that are exciting and interesting stories but not full length chapter books, you will love these! My kids do!

3. Creation Science Books—I have talked a lot about the importance of teaching true creation—and the blessing that Answers in Genesis has been to our family. At this age, however, the creation science books are perfect. The kids are old enough to sit through longer ones (with more text on each page, but still some pictures). We loved animal and dinosaur books especially.

a. Answers in Genesis also has an amazing search engine that lets you search by age group. This is especially helpful in choosing creation science book because you do not want to get one with too much text for a four year old but too little text for a ten year old. The link that follows is for twelve to fourteen year olds. If youa re new to reading creation science books to your children, start with the hardcover picture books at this link—they are amazing!,186.aspx

b. Animal picture books—We love reading animal creation science books. I have found that they span a large age range because everybody loves learning tidbits about animals! Try this one---but also look at ones at the Answers in Genesis collection. “The Bible Discovery Collection Bible Animals”—by Bruce Barton, James Galvin, Michael Kendrick, Daryl Lucas, David Veerman, Neil Wilson (looks out of print, but some on Amazon)

Some faith-building read aloud ideas for teens starting tomorrow! Then we'll wrap up Jonathan's Journal. THEN spend at least a month on helping your kids in the summer--whether your children are homeschooled, public, or private. Lots of help coming your way! smile...

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