Monday, May 24, 2010

day 141: “faith” reading with teens—unlocking the mysteries of creation

Nearly twenty years ago we went to our state’s homeschool convention and met someone who would forever change our lives—and help us in our children’s “faith” teaching more than we could imagine. The person I am describing is a man named Ken Ham. The ministry he began and continues to operate is Answers in Genesis.

We went to every session of his that weekend, took furious notes, and spent as much as our little budget would allow at his booth. We drove home at the end of that conference more excited than ever about teaching our children about God, the Bible, faith, character, and more.

When we got home, Ray did something that would become a yearly tradition for us—he went in at eleven o’clock, woke the kids up, and shared what we had learned that weekend. (I can’t believe I actually tried to talk him out of waking them now when I look back on what this little act did in terms of love for learning and much, much more!)

He pulled out book after book (mostly picture books at that time) that we had purchased from Answers in Genesis, showed the kids the pictures, told them what Mr. Ham had said about this or that. Excitement for school, devotions, learning, and family time was at an all time high.

One of the books that we purchased that weekend (not by Ken Ham, but still great, nonetheless) has become a family favorite—and is an ideal book for early teens and up. It is called “Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation,” and it is beautiful, informative, and interesting.

From the website:

“Experience an awesome journey of discovery! This Unique treasury of historic and scientific knowledge puts life-changing keys in your hands to understand our world and its amazing past. 240 pages of beautifully designed photography and artwork amplify the engaging text. This book will help you discover the scientific accuracy of the Bible; unveil the fallacies of evolution; and build unshakeable confidence in God's Word. Designed to help families build a trustworthy Biblical worldview, it introduces a vast treasure of faith-building resources. One of the most user-friendly and comprehensive introductory books ever published on the subject of Biblical creation.”

And it truly is! It can be confusing to look through creation resources. What is good for a certain age? What is a good introductory type book? This book is an amazing starting point. The insets and sidebars are helpful—reminiscent of an Usborne or Kingfisher book. It doesn’t give too much detail that a new “creation reader” would find confusing—but it does give tons of helpful info.

And at $28 for a hardcover, full color, beautiful book, it is an awesome deal!

The link that follows will get you to the author’s site where you can actually see pages of the book. There is also an interactive cd-rom that I am drooling over right now. We do not have the cd, but sure want it!

This is the perfect “faith” building devotional/read aloud for families with kids ages ten to eighteen. You will love it—and so will your kids! (I should do a commercial for this book! LOL!)

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