Sunday, July 11, 2010

day 186: links for charts for reading, chores, and more

I have posted tons of information on chores (see link for all of them together:  ). Likewise, I have posted a lot about reading with your kids, having your kids read, etc. (Reading instruction link:  ) And building daily habits that teach good character to our kids. And, the other day, I described how you can create your own “summer reading program” for your kids.

Today I am going to post some links in which you can get free charts, checklists, etc. to use for developing these good habits of chores, reading, daily routines, etc. Some of them have charts that can printed and filled in while others have “editable” ones—that is, those that you can open in WORD or Excel and actually alter on the computer then print it out all created for your needs. Happy chart making—and character building! Remember, it will be much easier to start some of these habits now when you do not have the busy-ness of school days/kids going to school/after school activities, etc.

*Tons of them—some editable and some that you print and use as is---great site:

*Site with hundreds of charts of all types for all ages:

*Printable reward charts and coupons!

*Chore charts of many varieties:

*Reading charts!!!

 Tomorrow—tips for reading WITH your child!

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