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day 194: our missionary daughter

"Preach Christ always, and if necessary, use words." Francis of Asissi

We have been having an interesting summer at the Reishes! While our almost-eighteen and twenty year olds have gone away for the summer working and traveling with a drama ministry, our next-to-the oldest has been home for the summer itinerating for her first full time missionary appointment.

I wanted to share with our readers a little about Kayla and her upcoming mission work. I think Positive Parenting 3*6*5 readers will especially be interested in how Kayla first felt her calling to missions twelve years ago—while our family read aloud from a “discipleship” book by Philip Yancy. And how did it begin and grow? Through her father challenging her to minister at home first—and to trust God to give her a future ministry. It is an amazing testimony that we thank God for continually.

Please pray for her if you think of her—and if any of you would like to know more about her work; possibly have her speak to your church, missions board, or small group; or learn about how your family can support this new, young missionary girl, feel free to email her at She is anxious to get on the mission field, but like most missionaries nowadays, is working hard to raise her monthly support to get out there—while working a couple of jobs to help herself through “tent making.”

Check out her website—read articles, poetry, and updates about her work as a missionary nurse all around the world--

Here is one of our “parent letters” that Ray and I have written to introduce Kayla’s mission work to friends and associates:

Dear Friend,

You may have heard via Facebook (!) or other source that the Reish family has a newly-appointed missionary in it! It is with great joy that we write this letter to introduce you (or re-introduce you, for those who have already heard from Kayla) to the exciting life and work that God has planned for our daughter.

Twenty years ago (when Kayla was only four years old) we began reading about missionaries, evangelists, and other godly people who “counted all but loss for the sake of the gospel.” We told Kayla that she was destined to do great things —and she believed us.

Not only did she believe us, but she also acted on that challenge throughout her childhood and teen years. When Kayla was thirteen, she was called specifically into missions as our family read aloud from a challenging book by Philip Yancey. About that time, Ray questioned Kayla about her future, what God was showing her, what she thought she should be doing, who she was going to minister to, etc.

She told him that she was going to be a missionary to Central or South America.

Ray questioned her further: “No, I mean now. Who are you going to minister to right now in your life?”

Kayla thought for a quick moment, looked up at Ray and said, "Right now, my ministry will be Mom."

Kayla had already been the most diligent child I had ever seen, but now she pressed in even harder. She would get up early, before anyone else was up, work in the kitchen, do dishes, fix breakfast. She never tired of it; her “ministry” was not just a passing phase. And she continued this—her ministry to her family has never ended.

Fast forward a few years later and Kayla found herself ministering to homeschooled students through speech, debate, Spanish, writing, and science classes she taught. She, along with her sister and another teen girl, wrote a newsletter for young girls for six years (and earned the money herself to mail it out—she didn’t charge the girls and wouldn’t let her parents pay for her ministry!). Kayla taught and preached at the young adults’ services on Sunday evenings for a couple of years, then she joined a Spanish church for a couple of years to further her Spanish speaking skills—and help those people right here in her own community. She continued to serve in many capacities--holding weekend retreats, mini seminars and workshops; speaking at homeschool conventions; helping us raise and train her younger siblings, and much more—all in an effort to “minister where she was planted” until her time came to “go out into all the world.”

Here we are, ten years after she was called to the mission field and practiced on this mission field known as home, and she has completed the degrees that she felt she needed in order to serve God in medical missions—RN, BSN (nursing), and BA (biblical studies). (She received her associates of nursing first so that she could work as a nurse while getting the other two degrees—and graduate debt free.)

And she is ready to go—as a health educator with Global Aids Partnership, developing materials, going into existing missions to help missionaries learn how to reach out to those affected by AIDS, and training pastors in other nations (especially Africa and Central and South America—she knew she would get there someday, even when she was only thirteen!).

So here we are writing this letter to friends, old and new, to let you know the needs that Kayla has in order to get on the mission field. Because she is a missionary associate with the Assembly of God International Missions, she must partner with individuals, churches, groups, etc. to raise her support herself. She must raise nearly $3,000 per month in order to maintain her home base, travel to train missionaries and leaders of indigenous churches, and develop materials to be used to safely reach those affected by AIDS around the world.

Why should you support Kayla ?

- She felt the call to missions at age 13 and has been preparing herself ever since.

o Academic Prep

 Three college degrees--Associate in Nursing, BS in Nursing. and BA in Biblical Studies

 3.83 GPA taking 20-23 hours per semester (while working 24 hrs/wk!)

o Technical Prep

 2 yr experience as RN at Baylor Hospital (Dallas)

 1 summer as head camp nurse for 700-900 campers per week

o Speaking Prep

 Four times national competitor in multiple high school speech and debate categories

 National semi-finalist in impromptu speaking

Teaching Prep

 Co wrote and produced GRACE – Christian newsletter to young girls

 Taught Sunday School

 Taught Young Adult group services and Sunday school

 Taught numerous science, Bible, language arts, speech classes to home schoolers

o Foreign Language Prep

 Five years of Spanish

 Teaching high school Spanish classes for homeschoolers

 Immersion in Spanish only speaking church for 2 years

o Financial Pep

 Worked full time to graduate college – Debt Free

- Her character is above reproach

- You can support someone you personally know (or at least you personally know her family)

Why should you support Kayla in Global Aids Partnership?

- Partnership: Everything is done in partnership with on the ground missionaries and congregations

- Sustainability: Everything has to be carried on long term with resources available to the local leadership

- Christ focused and God honoring: GAP is more than just another relief group because of its consistent and appropriate declaration of Jesus as Lord

- They secure payment of large projects from foundations and grants to offset large project costs

Why get involved with a ministry to people with AIDS ?

- AIDS has ravished lives and families the world over with over 33 million individuals infected

- Jesus commanded Christians to be his lights in a dark and sin-sick world

- It is serving people in their greatest time of spiritual, social, and physical need

Why are you getting this letter?

- Kayla needs to greatly expand her network of friends, family, and churches

o Most of her peers aren’t financially ready to support her

o She need contacts to other churches, groups, etc

- Kayla needs financial support

Kayla needs to raise support (via pledges) of $3000 per month for the next two years. While there are many good people and ministries that can be supported, I can think of no one who has better prepared herself for what God has called them to do. Please consider making a monthly pledge for Kayla's work. Also consider how you can help her expand her network of friends and churches. She is quite the orator and can speak to churches, civic groups, Sunday school classes, etc. about her mission work (or about another inspirational or motivational subject should you need a speaker). Thank you for your support.


Ray and Donna Reish

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