Saturday, September 11, 2010

day 228: “mega cooking” resources part i of ii

I have a few resources that I have used to learn to mega cook (“freezer cooking”) to introduce you to today and tomorrow.

"Make-a-Mix Cookery”--This is where I started with my mega cooking. It is not specifically mega cooking, but it has many “mixes” (i.e. Italian meat, hamburger mixes, “braised beef cube mix,” white sauce balls, homemade “Bisquick,” and much more) that I have used over and over through the years. I am on my third copy (due to excessive use!), and I highly recommend this for home cooks who are serious about efficiency cooking, “mix making,” and more “do it yourself” type of cooking. Available here

“Once a Month Cooking” book(s): This is the first real “freezer cooking” book I got (following Make a Mix). Many people complain that the recipes use too many convenience foods (i.e. Velveeta, refrigerated biscuit dough, etc.). However, if a person desired to do more “homemade” cooking and use this book, it can be easily done. (And if one is a homemade type of cooker, she should be able to adapt them easily.) We usually made our own “cream soups” because of the expense of buying dozens of cans of soup. We often made our own “Bisquick” and just made the biscuits ourselves for things like chicken and biscuits, etc. I say that to say, that the recipes are adaptable, but they are simple for someone just beginning “mega cooking.” Not nearly as daunting as my “cycles,” this is a great place to start.

Follow the link below for the large variety of “Once a Month” cooking books—crock pot, low fat, desserts, holidays, and more.

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