Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 237: “mega cooking” resources part ii of ii

Last day of “mega cooking” resources:

Mega cooking site: “Thirty Day Gourmet.” This is the site I use for mega cooking help nowadays. Their basic freezer cooking manual looks wonderful (“Thirty Day Gourmet’s Big Book of Freezer Cooking”), but I use the software (see below). This site will help you immensely if you desire to do freezer cooking of any kind:

Software: Thirty Day Gourmet Edition of Advantage Cook Software. This is the software that I use now for all of my recipes. It is a long process getting them all switched over from WORD (and some from EXCEL) to this, but it is so worth it since this software lets you adjust the servings at the push of a button. After many years of adjusting recipe amounts on napkins, in my head, and on scrap paper, I so appreciate that aspect of it. In addition to being able to plug your own recipes into it, this software comes fully loaded with the Thirty Day Gourmet’s Freezer Cooking recipes (again, fully adjustable). I love this program—and I seldom like computer programs since I am not computer savvy. (Recipes I will be posting on weekends will be ones that I have inputted in this program—and then scaled using the “scale” feature. Amazing!) Available at

Next weekend, I will post some of my favorite recipes—scaled to various needs. So stay tuned!

Tomorrow—we are switching gears for the weekdays in September to cover study skills—helping our kids with academics as school begins, developing good habits, and more. (We will still do recipes and reviews on weekends.)

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