Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goal of Character Training

Goal: To raise children who become adults who love God first, others second, and self last—and who walk this out in their daily lives

Starting Monday! Parenting Paradigms that affect your parenting decisions: Our “parenting paradigms” will dictate every decision that we make in our parenting—from how and whether we discipline our children; to whether or not we teach them God’s Word; to what kinds of peers we allow them to be with; to the numbers and types of activities they are involved in; to what our lives look like in our homes on a daily basis.


  1. i am really looking forward to this donna!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I am excited about it. Ray and I believe that what we believe about parenting has such a crucial role in how we parent--it truly dictates so many things. So happy to share what we've learned--through successes and failures! :)