Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Does Character Training Look Like?

“Normal” / Worldly Parenting                  Character-Focused Parenting

Focuses on me                                                     Focuses on Christ and others                

Teaches self-indulgence                                       Teaches selflessness

Teaches immediate gratification                          Teaches longsuffering

Focuses on frivolities                                       Focuses on things of eternal value

Desires to make children happy & comfortable        Desires to help children learn to deny themselves

Raises children in a materialistic lifestyle            Raises children in a selfless, giving lifestyle

Teaches that others are lower than we are         Teaches that others should always be first

Teaches self-sufficiency                           Teaches that without God, each of us is nothing

Attempts to make child happy                  Helps children learn contentment in all things

Lives for the next thrill                                        Sees thrills and fun as rewards for hard work and service

Teaches minimalism in work and service              Taught to give all—maximum living, work, & service

Encourage children to declare personal rights  Encourage children to realize all belongs to God—        
   and ownership                                                 and we are called to give to others


  1. Under the character focus training shouldn't number two read "teach selflessness" and not "teach selfishness"? I really appreciate PP 365, thank you so much!