Monday, May 27, 2013

FAST 5-MINUTE FAMILY FIXES---(Fajita) Chicken Crisps

Here is another potential five-minute-prep meal that my family loves! This is a good family night treat in lieu of getting take out pizzas.

Pre-cooked/pre-made chicken*

Shredded cheese of your choice

Flour tortillas

Garlic flavored non stick cooking spray (or melted butter with garlic)

Optionals: Onions and peppers (sometimes I have these pre-cooked and frozen with my meat; sometimes I don't use them at all)

*I usually use fajita chicken I have in my freezer from freezer cooking---but any already-made chicken will work in a pinch, such as store bought fajita chicken strips, rotisserie chicken chunks, or even canned chicken {drained}. You can also stick a couple of boneless breasts or thighs in a half a cup of broth and cook in micro until done and use that meat. Of course, you could make Beef Crisps with roast beef or hamburger crisps with taco flavored ground beef. 

Unbaked Fajita Chicken Crisps---These broil REALLY fast, so watch them closely!

1. Lay flour torts out on cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Spray the tops of the torts and broil them under the broiler until tanned and somewhat crispy (twenty to sixty seconds---watch carefully!).

2. Remove torts from oven and sprinkle with chicken (and veggies, if desired) then shredded cheese.

3. Put pan back under broiler until cheese is bubbly (one minute or so--watch carefully!).

4. Cut in fourths and serve with sour cream, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, black olives, etc.

Note: This is a good way to use up leftovers--and can be made lower carb than many other Mexican dishes because it only uses one tortilla each and you can really top it with a lot of protein and veggies. Also, for lower cards, use the Carb Balance tortilla shells.

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  1. This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing! --Rebecca Miller, The Sandwiched Homeschooler