Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Power Hour: Introducing Our "Four to Six Freezer Foods in an Hour" Program

Watch our blog (and FB page) for our new summer series, "Power Hour," in which we will share recipes (with varying amounts and numbers of servings) that you can make in an hour (or less with some young helpers!) and make four to six (or more if making for three or four people) freezer entrees.

If you have always wanted to try freezer cooking, but an entire program of one whole day (or week!) of cooking feels overwhelming to you, our "Power Hour" might be just the thing to get you over the fear of freezer cooking!

Think your family won't like the foods? I have been freezer cooking for twenty-three years this summer, and while I have definitely evolved as a freezer cook, I have hundreds of recipes that my family loves--and not just layered or bagged casseroles either! Some of our favorites that I will be sharing with you include potato casserole, braised beef cube mix, meatloaves, meatballs, sausage rice stir fry, parmesan chicken breasts, poor man's steak, spaghetti pie, meats for stir fries and fajitas, and much more. And you can do each one in under an hour!

We'll post our first one the week of June 9th, so stay "posted"! :) And share with your friends!

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