Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day: "Dandelions for Mother"

May brings out the dandelions in our yard, as it does in any yard that is not treated. I remember when my older kids were little, and they brought dandelion bouquets in to me constantly. I used to take morning walks in a neighborhood then (since we lived on a busy highway), and instead of envying their well-manicured lawns, I always felt sorry for them. I thought it would be awful to go an entire spring without a dandelion bouquet! Now I’ve wised up some, and I secretly envy those with manicured lawns---but I would rather have dandelion bouquets than a beautiful lawn any time!

One day when Joshua was seven and Kayla and Cami were three and a half and two, I received multiple dandelion bouquets. It was such a special, wonderful day that I didn’t want to forget it. And I never have….because I wrote a poem about it that I like to reread every spring to remind me of that blessed, hectic, overwhelming time in my life. I hope it blesses you!

                                          “Dandelions for Mother”

I heard the sound one afternoon, a noise I couldn’t deny--

“Mama,” she squealed in her sweet voice--my toddler’s ”I want in” cry.

I made my way to the back door, where she stood with a dandelion bunch,

“In,” she said as I opened the door, with a smile that expressed so much.

“For you,” she beamed proudly, holding in her hand—a wilty dandelion prize

I hugged her as she gave them to me; then she scampered back outside.

That sure was quick I thought to myself, and I turned to go back to my chores,

I put them in a vase, as my centerpiece---I didn’t know there would soon be more!

“Oh Mother,” I heard another sweet voice and someone opened up the large back screen;

It was my four-year-old, smiling from ear-to-ear, like the two-year-old I had just seen.

Her hands behind her back, she gleefully said, “I have a present for you!”

I held out my arms and closed my eyes, the way she always wants me to do.

“Surprise,” she shouted, “I picked them for you because I love you so much!”

I acted astonished, as she handed me a second dandelion bunch.

I got a quick hug (four year olds are busy, you know), then she went on her way,

I put them in a vase on the table; two centerpieces in one short day.

The next thing I knew the four-year-old was back, her hands so full once again,

“I brought these from brother; he’s guarding our fort, so now, he can’t come in.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” I replied to my little dear, “how thoughtfully you share,”

“Come over here to mama’s arms; let’s rock in my big blue chair.”

“Sorry,” she said, “we’re fighting the battle---the Philistines are ‘bout to attack.”

“Brother told me to give these to you, then be sure that I come right back.”

She bounced out the door like a summer breeze, and tenderly blew me a kiss-

A sweet, long-distance one--to replace the rocking she knew I would miss.

I got out a third vase and filled it with water and put in the brand new flow’rs.

What more could a mother ask for----three bouquets within the hour!

I always love to receive some flowers---as so many women do,

A vase filled with roses or carnations---or perhaps a plant or two.

I’d wait for each special occasion, with my hopes built up so high.

Would the florist come to my house today--or would he pass me by?

How silly I finally thought to myself; to wait for the florist’s van,

I’ve gotten flowers every single day---since well before spring began.

And how wonderful these dandelions are---delivered by special hands,

Brightening my life every spring day---as only small children can.

And right at that moment, I realized, how vast are the endless joys,

That come with being called “Mother” by these precious girls and boy.

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