Thursday, October 14, 2010

day 271: enjoyed the momlife group today—links to specific posts

I was so encouraged today to speak to a group of young moms! They were so attentive and into their families—it just warmed my heart. I loved their enthusiasm and interest in learning and growing as Christian moms. I truly went away encouraged and refreshed—even though I only got through a quarter of my handout! LOL!

I did the unthinkable (and don’t tell Ray!)—told them what I didn’t have time to tell them. I have this bad habit when I’m speaking: I want to say way more than I have time for. Thus, I often mention things that I would tell them if I had time, etc. Ray always says, “Don’t tell them that you do not have time to tell them something!” Smile…Thankfully, I now have PP 365 to refer people to—so instead of saying that I don’t have time for something, I can just tell them to go to such and such at the blog for more info about something. This is a great tool for us windy speakers!

Anyway, I wanted to give those sweet moms (and anyone else who is interested) links to many of the things that I mentioned this morning and that I wish I could have had time to delve into further. So…here you go…

*Establishing and bringing in boundaries, especially for young children:  (plus the next twenty or so posts following that one)

*Chores—starting with this post then for about thirty days---

*Praising children—starting with this post then for about a dozen days following--

*Teaching children not to hurt the weak, elderly, or disabled:

*Being a problem solver:

*Age appropriate chores for ages toddler through teen:

 *Kayla’s work in Africa:

*Challenging preschoolers in non-stressful ways:

*Morning routines for preschoolers:

*Affirmations for preschoolers:

*Personal organizational strategies: and here for a few days

*Motivation—starts here and goes for five days--

*Charts and more--

*Prioritizing—starts here and goes for several days--

*Home management systems—starts here and goes for two days--

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