Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 319: book reviews—liberty b. mouse

One of my favorite Thanksgiving picture books is a simple little paperback book called “Liberty B. Mouse Goes to a Party.” It is one of a few about Liberty B. Mouse. Young children love this re-telling of the first Thanksgiving—since it’s through the eyes of a mischievous mouse!

I have such fond memories of reading this story to all of my children—especially the part where Liberty sneezes a mouth full of corn and butter he is eating right into the campfire only to have some of the kernels “pop”—the first popcorn!

Can’t promise that either of the titles is available—but I found some used ones online, and many libraries have them.

“Liberty B. Mouse Goes to a Party” by Pauline C. Peck is available used at

The second one, which is also very cute, "Liberty B. Mouse Comes To America," is a classic retelling of the traditional Thanksgiving story through the eyes of a Mayflower Mouse. It tells the whole story of the Mayflower journey, the long winter, and the first Thanksgiving in simple terms that the young children can understand while still being interesting enough to the attention of older kids. It’s no longer in print, but is available at Amazon

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