Friday, December 10, 2010

day 340: ideas for leftover ham

I didn’t get the leftover turkey ideas and recipes posted until Thanksgiving was over, so I am getting a head start on the Christmas leftover ideas! Feel free to add ideas or recipes that you might have for leftover ham!

Tips for Ham Leftovers:

1. Plan for leftovers ahead of time. For example, if you know you will only use half the ham, consider cooking the two halves separately, one with ham glaze and one without for other recipes later.

2. Freeze ham in freezer bags in whole pieces to decide later what you will do with them. Be sure to use freezer bags, not regular storage bags.

3. Quick leftover ham ideas:

a. Ham omelettes

b. Bean soups

c. Chicken cordon bleu

d. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches

e. Cheesy scalloped potatoes w/ ham

f. Fried rice w/ ham

g. Ham and mashed potatoes croquettes

h. Cheese toasties with ham

i. Scrambled eggs w/ ham

Meals and Snacks for Leftover Ham:

1. Breakfast: fry slices with fried eggs; put in scrambled eggs; add to breakfast burrito

2. Lunch: put chunks in vegetable soup; hot ham and cheese sandwiches; ham salad; ham in chef’s salads

3. Dinner: pan fry large, thick pieces for “ham steak”; put in scalloped potatoes; add to home made macaroni and cheese

4. Ham Nearly Gone: Use carcass for base for soup beans; navy beans; split pea soup, etc.

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